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What Percentage of Churchgoers Trust Their Church Leadership?

This week in The Barna Minute, we’re exploring the percentage of churchgoers who trust their church leadership and how their attendance shapes this decision.

Watch this week's episode to dive deeper into the data, hear takeaways that prompt reflection as well as explore resources to help you lead better in your context.

The data show that while a majority of U.S. churchgoers strongly agree that they trust their church leaders, over two in five do not share the same conviction, especially those who attend church less often.

As leaders, it is vital that churches keep an eye on these types of metrics in ministry—something we at Barna call Measuring What Matters.

For prompts to help lead you through a time of thought and help you determine next steps for your church and congregation, check out this week's Barna Minute on Barna Access Plus.
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